Saturday, April 19, 2008

Drawing... with light.

The word "photography" has it's roots in the Greek Words φως (phos) which means light, and γραφίς (graphis) which means paintbrush or γραφή (graphê) which means representation by means of lines or drawing. Together they mean "drawing with light," which I find beautifully appropriate.

I'm using this as a sort of updated version of my journal. I graduated again. Gone are the days of lj and photobucket. Gone are the angsty, whiny posts about how horrible I think my life is. I was wrong. Life is a gift, a beautiful wonderful gift that I want to cherish and enjoy. In an effort to do so, I'll attempt to capture some of those fleeting moments of beauty- cause once they pass, photographs and memories are the only way to preserve them. But memories fade, and digital photos will last as long as I keep them backed up.


Iggy said...

woah! how long have you had this?

you need to start using this blog...

Emily. said...

wow I had no idea you'd find out about it yet... I guess linking you did that huh?
I guess I started it a long time ago and never did anything with it.
but yeah, I really, really do.

Mom said...

that was written so beautifully! Thanks for that. I needed to read something so profound and true. I love you so much!