Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ahhh photograms.

So one week, when I had some down time in the lab, not only did I have one of those life altering moments of beauty, I got to do something new creatively. I tried making some photograms. And let me be the first so say... they are amazing! I totally adore them. Or rather, the idea of the photogram itself. Mine are cool too, though. 

I really like the sunglasses in this one. I think they are amazing looking. The way they are graded I mean, how cool is that?

And the one above is really just... all my jewelry. I mean I have more, but that's everything I wore that day, except that circle with the multiple chains. That I brought in case I decided to do this, which i did! I wish it was bigger, the pearls have the same effect as the sunglasses. Oh, well. 

Oh, and I have one more of these and will probably make more, so I'll save it. Till next time...

1 comment:

caraway said...

i like the one with the peace sign. it's really cute!

and i love the two rings interlocking.