Thursday, December 4, 2008

I will be chasing your starlight until the end of my life.

Have I talked about how much I love slow shutter speeds yet? As I'm too lazy to go check, I'll say it now (or again). I love them. There's something about capturing movement in a photograph- it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Now I remember. My last post was about this. Oh, Hayley Williams. 

Alright. Here's the other side of slow shutter speeds. Maybe there's no movement, but when it's dark out, how else are you going to capture a moment, than to leave that little flap open so the light can take it's precious time coating the film? Er, sensor. So. When it's dark out, slowing the shutter gets a beautiful image, one that normally you wouldn't see- and it makes light look really, really cool, too. 

I took these really late one night, or early morning, rather. It was the Perseids meteor shower, on August 12th. I headed out at around 2 in the morning to see it (I'd put my telescope together in my room, so as not to make too much noise) but when I got out... there was fog. Everywhere. I couldn't see the sky anywhere. I started feeling pretty dejected... but I wasn't tired in the slightest, so I left. I grabbed my tripod and camera and just... drove. I went down Trabuco Canyon and turned somewhere, randomly. I mean, it was pitch black except my headlight beams which I could totally make out in the fog, how could I see where I was turning?

So I'm on this road, and I realize pretty quickly that it's actually a huge hill I'm climbing. A huge incline. If it wasn't the popping in my ears, or my body leaning all the way back in my seat against my will that clued me in, that moment when I broke the surface of the fog did it- it was like resurfacing after being underwater just a few seconds too long. That first breath, gasping 
and looking around at the world in all it's clarity and splendor- that's how my sky looked. It was magnificent. God must be proud, knowing he made it so amazing. 
I wish my images of the sky had come out, but sadly- I need more practice at shooting the night 
sky. I did stumble upon something I found interesting though, through the trees. I think I really just love light. I could go on and on about how interesting I find it- but I won't. Another day, perhaps.

This was written in December, apparently I forgot to post. Oops?

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