Thursday, November 20, 2008

Screaming... Hallelujah.

Time for something old!

In light of the.. er, light photo, from my last post, I thought I'd share some from a concert I went to 
with bestfriend, where the lights were particularly beautiful. 

I was shocked that I could get these, because it was so dark, but for these, darling Hayley stayed still, as did my hands, long enough for my shutter to open and close. In 
some, however, I wasn't so lucky. But I think they came out amazingly anyway, if I do say so 
myself. (not that I'm 
trying to "toot" my own horn here)

But seriously, how did her face stay in focus but her hair is all crazy blurred? Awesome. I love i

And I should take this time to mention, Hayley Williams, and Paramore altogether, are awesome in concert. They were exciting and were obviously having a great time up there, which i think just makes the experience better for 
everyone (and did for me, anyway). 

So yeah. Awesome concert. And I learned a new thing- a lot of Paramore's lyrics have christian themes. And not in the gross way you can turn any love song into a worship song, but seriously. 
The lyrics to My Heart, for one thing, as well as Hallelujah. I mean sure, they say the word Hallelujah, but that doesn't automatically mean it's about The Lord. I'm pretty sure Fall Out Boy wasn't singing to Him, but that's not the 
point. I knew it was for Paramore, because as she sang, she literally was on her knees, praying. It was moving, in that way. 

Then I had to go and be awesome, and take a cool motion shot of it. :)

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